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We look at helping you effectively manage your insurance requirements as an extension of your risk management program, bench marking your structure against global best practice. We have considerable experience is providing such solutions to large corporate entities in Sri Lanka and the region.

Insurance is complicated. You need specialized and professional expertise in arranging an insurance portfolio that best fits your corporate requirements. This is our area of expertise and best of all our services are at no cost to you (the insurance companies pay us based on business placed with them). It therefore makes sense to have an insurance broker on your side much as you do with banking and your legal requirements.

We strive to create a competitive edge through focusing on five key aspects;


The company will conduct a detailed review of your insurance requirements from a risk management standpoint, draw up an appropriate insurance programme and identify the different areas that the business is exposed to risks and insurable losses.


Having identified which risks are to be insured, GSIB will negotiate the placement of contracts at most competitive terms taking into consideration the current market conditions and the security of the underwriters and their re-insurers

Innovations in Products and Services

GSIB would assist in designing policies which are of benefit (in terms of scope of cover, differentiation, etc.) to the organization. Additionally, it would leverage from the market service levels, in terms of response time, documentation delivery etc. to ensure efficiency of operations. Further GSIB would advise the most suitable terms of the insurance policies at the best possible price.


The Company would assist in managing claims from the time of the occurrence until settled. This would include advice on documentation and negotiation with insurers and their loss adjusters with a view to obtaining full reimbursement within the terms of the contract of insurance for the relevant loss.


A comprehensive advisory service will be made available to your management staff and clients. This would include an ongoing risk analysis, surveys, statistical analysis, market information and identification of suitable products, seminars, etc. This exercise would be carried out in collaboration with GSIB, their principals and resources available with the insurance companies themselves.