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Personal Lines

These are insurance solutions to risk faced by you and your family. Protection for the high value investment you have made in your house and your car. Compensation for medical costs and any accident. Travel insurance. Financial security for your family and dependents. We will help tailor solutions to suit your special need.

Our service promise is based around offering the widest coverage, simplifying documentation, fast tracked claim settlement and personalized service. Insurance is complicated. We help disentangle the complexity and represent you to the insurance company. Best of all we do not charge any fees from you.

Our services would be to provide financial coverage to protect the things that have a significant value to you and your family and your entire team of professionals will be at your beck and call.

Your Home

Make sure that the financial value of what could be the biggest investment of your life is secured. Home insurance provides coverage to your house and /or contents against a variety of risks such as fire, natural disasters and burglary. Coverage can even be extended to cover the residents as well as your domestics.

Your Vehicle

With many deals on offer vehicle insurance can be confusing. Whether it’s a hatchback, a SUV or top range executive car, we can offer the right solution to fit your car. From advisory to personalized claim settlement consultation, we will ensure you have a hassle-free insurance experience.

Overseas Travel

International travel involves risks. You may fall sick suddenly and face huge hospital bills that are difficult to meet, or miss a flight, lose your travel documents or you could even experience an unpleasant incident in an unfamiliar place, which could leave you vulnerable.

Through travel insurance you are granted coverage for many common risks during overseas travel such as medical expenses, loss of checked in baggage, missed departure and personal liability and so on. We will offer solutions to meet your budget.


Cost of medical care are escalating and can be crippling to your purse and savings. We can offer you excellent coverage for surgical and hospitalization costs that meet most eventual illnesses.

Presonal Accident

Life is full of unpredictability, but some unpredictable situations can be insured. Personal Accident insurance ensures your loved ones will be taken care of financially should you meet with an accident.

Personal accident insurance grants cover for death, temporary total disablement due to accident and permanent and partial disablement due to accidents. The coverage is cheap and for a couple of LKR thousand, a million LKR cover is possible.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can be a crucial net for families. Our wealth planners will guide you to choose the best life insurance plan to suit your wants and plans.

Give us a call if you want to check any of the above or if you simply need to clarify any insurance matter. We will be only to pleased to talk to you.

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